LeBron James 35 Pts on 14 FGAs


LeBron hit a new statistical milestone for him last night, scoring 35 points while taking only 14 shots from the field.  Below is the list of all players to have reached that mark courtesy of basketball-reference.com.

Rk Player Pos From To Count
1 Reggie Miller* G 1990 1995 3
2 Charles Barkley* F 1988 1998 2
3 Dwyane Wade G 2006 2007 2
4 Ray Allen G 2009 2009 1
5 Chauncey Billups G 2011 2011 1
6 Rolando Blackman G 1986 1986 1
7 Adrian Dantley* F 1989 1989 1
8 Dwight Howard C 2013 2013 1
9 LeBron James F 2014 2014 1
10 Magic Johnson* G 1990 1990 1
11 Kevin Love F 2011 2011 1
12 Corey Maggette F 2008 2008 1
13 Stephon Marbury G 2003 2003 1
14 Alonzo Mourning C 2000 2000 1
15 Shaquille O’Neal C 2000 2000 1
16 James Posey F 2004 2004 1
17 Mark Price G 1989 1989 1
18 Rony Seikaly C 1995 1995 1
19 Steve Smith G 1998 1998 1
20 Bryant Stith G 1997 1997 1
Rk Player Pos From To Count
21 Peja Stojakovic F 2005 2005 1
22 Kiki Vandeweghe F 1988 1988 1
23 David Wesley G 1996 1996 1
24 Buck Williams F 1987 1987 1
Provided by Basketball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 11/26/2013.

It’s kind of an oddly difficult accomplishment because it means that a player is having a tremendous scoring night but isn’t pushing to take more shots. Basically it’s either someone who doesn’t get a lot of shots up and only gets to 14, a game where the hot player’s team is so dominating that he sits out the last quarter, or a player who is more of a facilitator who happens to be hitting all his shots and getting to the line that night. Most of your highly efficient scoring champ type players like Michael Jordan or Kevin Durant would not make a list like this because if they were shooting that well and getting to the line that much, they would keep shooting past 14 FGAs. Other players might have trouble getting to the line enough to get those kind of stats. I’m thinking of guys like Chris Paul and Steve Nash who are highly efficient scorers capable of going off for big nights but who have elusive games and don’t draw a lot of contact. So it’s really a pretty tricky mark to hit.

Not surprised to see Barkley on the list with multiple games. He was a highly efficient scorer who wasn’t a high volume shot taker until he went to Phoenix. Reggie Miller and Ray Allen make sense as well since they hit so many threes they could get their points without having to draw too many fouls. Adrian Dantley and Dwyane Wade are foul magnets who walk to the line enough to be shoe-ins for the list. Not surprised to see Dwight and Shaq on the list. Teams fouled them on purpose, and as Wesley Snipes says in “White Men Can’t Jump” The sun even shines on a dog’s ass some days. Some players are very surprising though. Buck Williams was never much of a big time scorer. Bryant Stith never registered as a big time bucket getter, and though Chauncey’s a great shooter, he was never really a prolific scorer either.

Pretty cool feat by the King. Reading all these other names reminds me to enjoy his majesty while he’s around, because someday not too far from now all we’ll have of the Chosen One is lists and highlights.


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