More on Scoring Efficiency – Jordan and Dirk


I took another look at the 35 points on 14 shots list and wanted to dig a little deeper to see what the highest total points scored at 2.5 points per shot would be (35 / 14 = 2.5 It’s math that I can handle!!!).

I ran a bunch of different figures and the highest total with multiple entries that I found was 45 points on 18 shots. Here’s the list:

Rk Player Pos From To Count
1 Gilbert Arenas G 2006 2006 1
2 Adrian Dantley* F 1988 1988 1
3 Michael Jordan* G 1989 1989 1
4 Rashard Lewis F 2006 2006 1
5 Kevin Martin G 2011 2011 1
6 Dirk Nowitzki F 2011 2011 1
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Generated 11/26/2013.

Very rare feat. Mostly it takes a lot of free throws made at a high percentage and good shooting. Not surprised to see MJ and Dirk on here. Dantley’s not a shocker. When a player scores more from free throws than field goals that’s called “a Dantley.” Kevin Martin specializes in never taking two point shots. He’s all threes and free throws. Arenas and Rashard are kind of surprising. I don’t think of them as being especially efficient scorers, but they are both streaky-good three point shooters. Is it strange to describe a retired or past-his-prime player’s game in the present tense. I’ll have to think on that. Tales of basketball future-past.

The season breakdown is particularly odd. 6 total but two are in 2011, 2 are in 2006, and 2 are between 1988 and 1989. I don’t think it means anything. It’s just weird.

There is on outlier who scored 53 points on just 19 shots.

Rk Player Pos From To Count
1 Willie Burton F 1995 1995 1
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Generated 11/26/2013.

Willie Burton was a journeyman guard-forward in the ’90s. A shooter / utility type who hung around long enough to have a career but never really established a name for himself on a good team. But we commemorate your accomplishment here, Mr. Burton. Dap.


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