Kevin Durant’s Daily Stat Update – MVP Watch


I found another amazing statistical feat that Kevin Durant is currently achieving. The below table shows every season in which an NBA player has had an Offensive Rating of 124+ and a Usage of 30+. Yes it is only three seasons.

Totals Advanced
Player Season Age G PER USG% ORtg DRtg
Michael Jordan* 1990-91 27 82 31.6 32.9 125 102
LeBron James 2012-13 28 76 31.6 30.2 125 101
Kevin Durant 2013-14 25 42 30.9 31.8 124 100
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Generated 1/22/2014.

When a player’s season is in line with LeBron’s peak season (last year) and Jordan’s peak season, it’s probably an MVP season. Actually if you use the old Dean Oliver estimated per possession plus minus of ORtg + Usage over 20% – DRtg, Durant is having the second best season ever. Obviously this is a broad estimate and shouldn’t really be taken as an all-time ranking, but it does give a little context to how amazing KD has been through the first half of the season.


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