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Jason Palumbo
Double Dribble was founded in 2009 and has gradually evolved into an eclectic e look at basketball from all angles including statistical rankings, game recaps, player profiles, and of course fake interviews.

Personal stats are as follows: I’m a New Yorker transplanted from Maine and a lifelong fan of basketball.  My earliest memories of the sport are watching the Cetlics in the mid ’80s.   I don’t actually remember when it happened but somewhere along the way I watched this kid named Michael Jordan (maybe 86 or 87), and I was totally hooked.  My big personal biases are for the Celts and Bulls, and they WILL show up in my commentary. You may know me as dejordan from the Inside Hoops message board, Jason J from the Basketball Reference Blog, or from here (that’s my tattoo).

I love defense.  I love movement away from the ball.  I love big plays in big moments.  I love the grizzled veteran who fends off the athletic young upstart.  I love the young upstart who relentlessly attacks the grizzled old veteran at both ends of the floor.  I love a full court bounce pass (we miss you John Stockton).  I love when a player chases down a fastbreak and swats the ball from behind.  I love a guy who gets 3 offensive rebounds and a hard-fought bucket all in one play.  I love a massive jam over 3 defenders.  I love intensity, consistency, and guys who have a great time on the court.

I work full-time, so I update as often as possible.  Tell me what you like.  Tell me what you don’t.


Paul Madavi

Me (baseball cap), Sargent Slaughter, and my buddy Kurt

Unlike Jason this is not my first blog (first blog to receive a hit though). Like Jason, I am a huge basketball nut. I love watching it, I love playing it, I love pouring over stats, and I love making comparative list. Junkie, I believe is the word. My work for this site is meant as an alternative to the typical sports writing that can leave readers feeling like they’re in a wasteland of half-hearted conjecture and ignorant bravado. I try, in earnest, to bring it for the reader every time.

I’m also 30. I’m grew up in Jersey, and have lived in Florida, Ohio, Chicago Illinois and now Madison, Wisconsin (where the beer flows like wine, and cheese grows on trees). I’ve been watching ball since I was 10 years old or so, and spent most of that time memorizing Patrick Ewing’s every move. Hey, you grow up in Jersey, you see a lot of Knicks games. My current favorites are Bron, Gasol, and Kobe Bean.

For me basketball is about more than entertainment. Though it seems to be always entertaining while it encompasses so many other things. Basketball is about communion on the court, it’s about hustle and sacrifice. It’s about pride and misery. It captures the great highs and lows of life, and crams them into a game that’s 48 minutes, 21 points, or till-the-sun-goes-down long. If you know what I’m talking about, you know I’m writing with you in mind.




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